Thursday, 6 June 2013

BARGAIN ALERT! Soap & Glory cosmetics at Boots

Hi! Just a quick post to let you know about a sneaky deal on at Boots right now which saw me pick up some bargain Soap & Glory cosmetics!
S&G is currently part of Boots' 3 for 2 deal, and if you pick up the Boots Health & Beauty magazine (free to Advantage card holders), there's a voucher in the back for a free 'Cheekmate' cheek stain when you buy two S&G cosmetics products.
Combine this with the 3 for 2 & a random reduction on 'It's About Prime' eyeshadow primer (down from £8 to £5 at the till) and another product (I picked up a 'Smoulder Kohl' eyeliner pencil for £5) and once all those discounts have gone through, you're in for some SUPER CHEAP S&G! The three products I chose came to just £5!
Race you to Boots?


Monday, 3 June 2013

Pleased to Meet You - Newcastle

On Friday I decided to take half a day holiday from work ahead of the launch of new bar, Pleased to Meet You in the High Bridge quarter of Newcastle.

This also coincided with my parents' holiday from work, so they popped up on the train to join in the festivities.

The bar specialises in gin (my fave!) - stocking over 50 different varieties. Heaven! It also holds an impressive selection of craft beers and ales which went down well with my dad and boyfriend.

On top of this, because it was opening night, there was a complimentary bar for two hours, meaning I was suitably drunk by the time I got home.

Here are some photos - I really enjoyed it, the bar looked lovely and I'll definitely be popping back again to work my way through that gin list!

Gin & lemonade - my absolute fave!

So busy! Perfectly captured the champagne girl though, AKA my new best friend.
My mum, me & my sister
My dad & my other half with their very black beers.
Two of my favourite words: free champagne.
Beautiful light fittings & I love the print on the French doors (sorry random punter I managed to catch in this photo!)
Printed on the frosted glass of the toilet doors! I love a nice loo! (Random fact - the sinks in the toilet were carefully perched on top of bikes which were used in the movie 'War Horse')

Me & Andrew
My friend Lisa came! Here's Lisa with my sister & me (bit drunk)
Drunk enough to take a selfie in public & not care.

You can find out more about Pleased to Meet You on their website:

Sunday, 19 May 2013

My favourite bloggers

So I am actually going to follow through on something I said I would do (I know, sometimes I surprise myself), here is my list of bloggers that I love, that inspire me, and that I look forward to reading every day.
Some of these you will probably know, but hopefully there will be one or two newbies here that you will enjoy and maybe follow too!
Let me know if there's anyone you think should be in this list, who are your favourite bloggers? I'd love to check them out.

1. Little Chief Honeybee

Little Chief Honeybee (or LCH) is written by the gorgeous Kaelah and follows her life in Tennessee with her new husband Mike and their adorable family of little Toby and fur babies Georgia, Pipkin, Tater Tot & Enid.
Kaelah has the most fabulous dress sense so her regular outfit posts are always stunning, and she has some amazing tattoos to boot. She even shares music playlists & adorable gifs, LCH was one of the first blogs I ever followed and I've been reading for a good two years now so this girl is obviously doing something right!

2. Sofia's Journal

Sofia is a twenty-something blogger from Manchester who lives with her other half. Sofia has chosen not to put photos of herself on her blog which I find completely fascinating and I think that's one of the big reasons I keep going back, just in case she changes her mind 'cos I'm sure she's gorgeous! She takes really lovely photos of interiors, beauty and travel and has even written some foody posts which I love (I remember a particular one in which she documented her healthy, delicious looking packed lunches which inspired me to invest in some new Tupperware and be a bit more inventive with my food choices!)

3. Sparkly Vodka

Sparklyvodka (I know, amazing name) is run by twenty-something Caroline who lives in Huddersfield with her adorable little girl Chloe and is a freelance graphic designer.
Caroline's outfit posts are always ones I look forward to as I think she has a similar style to me (peter pan collars, anyone?) and she wears high-street clothes that I can actually afford and get my hands on! She also does amazing reviews, particularly of (what I would consider to be) higher end products with a focus on skincare and it shows, her skin is flawless!


 LLYMLRS is run by London girl Lily Melrose and the blog title is her name without vowels!
If you don't already know Lily, she's also a graphic designer and her outfit posts are some of my favourites!
Lily also blogs about beauty products more in depth on her other blog - etc LLYMLRS - and vlogs on her YouTube channel about beauty, fashion & life.
I really like the way Lily writes and love that she's so frequent with her posts - I definitely could learn a thing or two from her on that front!

5. GemFatale

 Gem Royston-Claire is the lovely girl behind GemFatale and she is a firm favourite on my top blogger list!
I started following Gem's blog when she worked in Topshop and now she's a web assistant and columnist for Company magazine! Errr... How amazing please?!
Gem lives with her fiancé and cat and I just love the way she writes, she's got such a fabulous style.
Recognise Gem? You might well do, she was on Channel 4's 'Super Scrimpers' once upon a time! Ugh, could this girl be any cooler?!

 6. Zoella

I'm sure most of you know Zoe already but just in case, Zoe is a YouTuber & blogger with THE most lovely hair I think I've ever seen.
Zoe's blog has got a fabulous lifestyle focus but she regularly posts product reviews and the odd tutorial too.

7. Wish Wish Wish

Carrie is the gorgeous girly behind Wish Wish Wish and I always read her blog thinking "waaaaa, you have the best life!" Just LOOK at those beautiful photos!! I'm sure it's illegal for someone to be so photogenic!
Carrie posts a lot of travel and lifestyle posts, mixed in with high(er) end fashion and beauty, what's not to love?

8. Sprinkle of Glitter

If you haven't heard of Sprinkle of Glitter yet, you need to head over to Louise's YouTube channel NOW & watch at least five videos. Seriously, Louise is so funny. I always try to watch her videos on a Sunday morning (when she normally posts) when I'm stealing a sneaky ten minutes for myself (normally when I should be doing something like getting ready or cleaning, oops) and Andrew ALWAYS catches me in the act of skiving and - thankfully for me - he enjoys watching Louise's videos so much I usually get away with it!
Louise is a stay at home mummy to Darcy (Baby Glitter) and wife to Matt and she is just great, check her out!

9. Trebles & a Mixer

Trebles & a Mixer is a collaborative effort between fellow Tyne dwellers Bryden & Claire, and covers fashion, beauty, lifestyle and food - darn good food at that!

10. ???????
It could be YOU!

Send me your blog links or some of your faves, I've really enjoyed writing this post so maybe next time it will be filled with your blogs or ones you've recommended to me, go on, spread the love!

Em xox

Tuesday, 14 May 2013


Just a quick post to let people know about my dog, Harvey's new blog! It's being written by 'human number one' (he likes to think he's number one...) my other half, Andrew, and documents the life of my pup!
Shamefully, I think he's going to be a better blogger than me...

Have a gander if you like cute Pomeranians at

Em xox


Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Bad Blogger!

Eeeek! So I can't believe it's been over a YEAR since I updated this blog. I was scared to log in, I knew it had been a while but a whole year?! I solemnly swear to be a much better blogger this year and update much more frequently than this. Not OK.
So, in celebration of being BACK in the blogosphere, I've had an eensie bit of a makeover, and I will be doing a post on my fave bloggers, the ones who have inspired me to come back here and stop being so lazy.
I'm sure you will know most of them, but there might be one or two new ones that will inspire you too!
I'm just putting the finishing touches to my list and will be publishing some time this week, is there anyone you would like to see on there? What kind of blogs do you enjoy reading? Comment & let me know!

It's good to be back!

Emily x
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