Tuesday, 12 August 2014

P-REVIEW: Vegan Life Magazine

Today I wanted to share with you a p-review (a preview review - I know, I'm a downright literary genius) of something I am really excited about which isn't quite out yet.

I don't know about you, but I love a good magazine. I subscribe to both Glamour and Cosmo and normally buy one or two more beauty magazines throughout the month (usually the ones with the best freebies), as well as indulging in the odd food magazine with recipes we can easily veganize. In this digital age of blogs and Twitter and 'online scrapbooks', it's nice to hold something in your hand, plus when I'm trying to read a recipe on my iPad and the screen locks or I get a notification halfway through cooking it disrupts my flow, y'know?

That is why I am super excited for the launch of Vegan Life magazine - a brand new publication which promises to 'bring vegan into vogue'. 

Veganism is hotter than ever right now, with celebrities discovering its many health benefits, so it's only natural that people are curious about how to dip their toe or even dive right in to the lifestyle. Vegan Life is going to be the perfect place for the vegan-curious to find simple and delicious recipes (trust me, I've seen some of these recipes and I was literally drooling on the PDF), as well as more 'well established' vegans to discover exciting new products, restaurants and recipes.

The magazine will feature a number of different recipes, from raw, to gluten free, and even veganizes some old British classics. Alongside this will be interviews with top vegan celebrities and athletes, new innovations and products, and cruelty-free fashion and beauty. What's not to love?

The magazine launches on August 21st and I'll be blogging aaaalll about it once it's hit the shelves, so keep your eyes peeled!

For more information about Vegan Life, be sure to follow on Twitter @VeganLife_Mag, like on Facebook at Facebook.com/VeganLifeMagazine or check out the website at veganlifemag.com where you can subscribe and bag yourself an amazing free gift! International vegans (hello!) can even subscribe for a digital download, so nobody misses out!

Emily x

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