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REVIEW - The Vegan Kind subscription box #TVK10

I've been meaning to review The Vegan Kind boxes for the longest time, but for some reason, I've never got around to it. Usually because the contents are so hard to resist that they don't last long enough for me to photograph. Admittedly, I didn't even take the photograph above, Andrew did, because he was so eager to get stuck into the Freedom Mallows and I was determined that this month would be the month I would blog about The Vegan Kind, so I made him take a snap in exchange for the sweets. Not a bad exchange, I'd say.

So, The Vegan Kind is a monthly subscription box containing between 5 & 8 vegan treats. These can be anything from healthy snacks, to slightly more naughty snacks, to vegan beauty and household products. This was my fifth TVK box, and I've not been disappointed with a single product since my subscription began.

The boxes cost £10 + P&P per month (P&P is £2.95 in the UK or £9.00 anywhere else in Europe) but the contents is guaranteed to have a retail value of more than £10. Unlike some other subscription boxes, you can cancel at any time, and I can say with experience that the customer service over at TVK is second to none.

This is what was inside TVK10:

As I said above, Andrew got his hands on these first. 
Even when I was a kid (i.e. in my pre-veggie days) I wasn't keen on a marshmallow. My sister, on the other hand, was a flump addict, although she's pretty rubbish in a game of chubby bunny. 
I actually bought Andrew some original Freedom Mallows a couple of weeks back at the Newcastle Vegan Festival, so he was pretty chuffed to spot these when I opened the box. 
I tried one for the purposes of blogging, and it tasted exactly like the marshmallows I remember from my youth, with a hint of strawberry. 
In order to get a better review, I asked Andrew for his opinion. He said this: "They have a mild strawberry taste which isn't too artificial and the consistency of a flump. They were really nice." So there you have it. If you're a vegan or vegetarian and you're missing marshmallows, give these a go.

Not content with eating all the marshmallows, Andrew was eyeing this up during the grand unboxing, too. "OH MY GOD A PULSIN BAR" were his exact words, as he tried to sneak it up his sleeve. Smooth.
He wasn't getting away with it though, since he's already had a Pulsin bar before, and I was farrrr too curious.
I've been wondering if I should jump on the protein wagon for a while, especially since I started working out, so last week I decided to give it a go after a pretty hefty pop pilates session. 
Workout over, my legs were like jelly and I knew it would be at least another hour before I'd be eating dinner, it seemed the perfect time to indulge in some proteiney goodness, and I was not disappointed. Soft and fudge-like, chocolatey and indulgent, this little baby was a sheer delight after a bout of Blogilates ABC abs. I don't know if it's going to make me muscle-bound just yet, but my legs stopped shaking and I didn't pass out in the shower.
Seriously recommended. 

At the complete opposite end of the calorie spectrum are these little delights, by Nothing But. They are exactly what they say on the packet - freeze dried mangetout and red pepper slices, with absolutely nothing else added, and this whole packet came in at a tiny 26 calories.

The only thing I didn't like about these was the packet. It was sooooo hard to open. I am more than a little bit OCD when it comes to packets like this, I can't tear a corner off them or cut the top off or anything, they MUST be pulled apart like a packet of crisps. Must. So when I tried to do exactly that to this packet, it was a bit of a disaster. See below.

Erm, what? What are you, secondary hole?

Anyway, I got there in the end and they just looked so lovely and colourful all nestled up in their prison packaging.

I'll give you one guess what that fuzzy blur is in the bottom right of the above picture.

Yep. Greedy.

Needless to say, Harvey didn't get a look in. These were delicious, fresh, sweet, crunchy and satisfying and only 26 calories!! Will definitely re-purchase when these are available in stores. Or buy a dehydrator and make my own cos I'm not sure how much longer I can live without dried mangetout.

I LOVE popcorn. I think popcorn is the bee's knees. I could eat popcorn until it was coming out of my ears (probably), so this was not my first time sampling a Propercorn popcorn. In fact, I'd made my way through a bag of this very popcorn the night before my Vegan Kind box arrived, and had that sad feeling you get when something really delicious is over (last chunk of Vego, episode 19 of My So-Called Life etc.)
So I was fairly elated to pluck this out of my box this month. 
This popcorn is the exact right balance of sweet and salty. It's not one sweet kernel, one salty kernel, all of the kernels are deliciously sweet and salty at exactly the same time. I think they must be a little bit magical because I have tried to make this happen at home and it just doesn't. So if you're looking for the best Sweet & Salted popcorn you can buy, look no further. Just get this one. It's dead nice.

Even the barcode is cute. See?

The grown-up in me was so excited about these laundry tablets I'm a little bit ashamed to even tell you. I have only used these once so far, but they worked really well on a cool wash and made my clothes smell amazing.
For those interested in learning about soapnuts, here you go: Soapnuts are actually shells or husks from the Soapberry tree, which is native to northern India and Nepal. Agitating the soapnuts releases saponin, which breaks down the surface tension between water and oil, freeing the dirt and grime from your clothes without the need for chemicals.
This also makes them a good option for people with sensitive skin and eczema. Cool, huh?

You just pop one of these little tablets in your wash, add a little fabric conditioner and you're good to go. There were 20 of these in this month's TVK box which I was really impressed with. That's a lot of loads.

The last item in the box was hard to photograph, so I made a little video so you can see it properly!
It's a wrist band from the hugely popular social network for young veggies and vegans, Teen VGN. It's a super cute addition to The Vegan Kind box, and I love the blue colour.

With every Vegan Kind box you also get a recipe card, which is usually contributed by a vegan food blogger, this month's recipe was this delish-looking coconut and berries nectarine salad, and on your third box you get a cute ringbinder to hold them in!

Last, but by no means least, 10p from the sale of every Vegan Kind box is donated to an animal charity, which is chosen by Vegan Kinders over on Facebook, so you know that you're doing some good whilst tucking in to allllll the vegan treats.

The Vegan Kind is a fantastic way to sample some old favourites as well as try new things - some of which haven't even hit the shelves yet. If you want to find out more and sign up, head on over to the website.

Emily x

*DISCLAIMER - I paid for this and all of the other Vegan Kind boxes with my own money.

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