Tuesday, 19 August 2014

VEGAN TOON - Tyneside Bar Café

Welcome to this BRAND NEW series I'm calling 'Vegan Toon', where I shall be reviewing and chatting about vegan-friendly establishments in the North East.

On Sunday night my lovely friend Laura invited me along for a preview breakfast at the brand new Tyneside Bar Café the following morning.

Arriving bright & early on a chilly Monday and after some car trouble (argh!), I was pleased to walk through the doors to the new eatery and be greeted by such a warm, trendy, welcoming space.

More photos after the jump!

That stunning 'Dialogue' mural along the wall consists of hundreds of movie quotes, each one painstakingly hand pencilled on to the wall over a period of two weeks.

The space seats just over 100 diners, and will also screen movies on an evening.

The screen is hidden behind these gorgeous, Twin Peaks-esque velvet drapes.

Now for the food! As a vegan, it's always a bit nerve wracking eating somewhere when you have absolutely no advanced access to the menu. But I had it on good authority that there were plenty of vegan options available, and I wasn't disappointed.

Vegetarian options are marked with a (V) and vegan as (VG) which is the sign of an understanding eatery I feel. I also hear the chef (former Café 21, dontyaknow) is happy to make substitutions, you want eggs avocado sans eggs? You got it.

Laura and I both started with an Americano and got a generous jug of soya milk to share. Good start.

Next, we plumped for the juice of the day, which was fresh apple, carrot and celery, and was wonderfully refreshing after the coffee. I can't wait to see what other fresh juice options these guys come up with after opening day. It's nice to have a fresh juice option in the centre of the city that doesn't cost £5 or insist on adding milk or yoghurt.

I chose the homemade granola with soya milk, and Laura went for almond milk porridge with raisins & pears. We also shared some toast & jam, all in the name of research, you understand.

My granola was absolutely outstanding. I've tried a granola or two in my time, and this was by far the best I've ever tasted. A perfect combination of nuts, oats, seeds and dried fruit, chunky and not overly sweet, just perfect.

Laura's porridge was equally delicious, not too many raisins and the ideal consistency - not too milky or too thick. A porridge Goldilocks would be proud of.

The new Tyneside Bar Café will certainly be seeing lots more of me, and I can't wait to check out what vegan options are available for lunch & dinner!

The new bar café opens on Friday 22nd August in the former Barclays Bank site on Pilgrim Street.

More info is available here, and you can follow the Tyneside Bar Café on Twitter here!

Look out for more Vegan Toon posts coming soon!

Emily x

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  1. Can't wait to have a nosey around, I may go at the weekend :) Sad they only do breakfast on week mornings though :(

    Chloe x


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