Saturday, 13 September 2014

Vegan Life Magazine - Issue 1

So a little while ago I talked about the new, super exciting Vegan Life magazine which was soon to launch, and it's here! It's actually been out for a few weeks now, and I have read it from cover to cover about six times already.

Being a fairly new vegan (6 months now) there's lots in here that resonated with me, it's not fussy or pretentious, it's just interesting, and it's relevant.

I was going to tell you about one of the articles in here in depth, but I had such a struggle choosing just one think to talk about (!) so here's a quick snapshot of some of my favourite bits of issue one.

What's inside?

There are pages and pages of vegan news, not just from the UK but also from across the globe in a 'Vegan Planet' feature.
Also the news section featured my ultimate man - Mr Jared Leto.
Instant brownie points for Vegan Life.

Next up is 'Vegan Events', dates for your diary for events happening across the world - vegan fairs, vegan festivals and everything in between.

'What's New?' well... loads, apparently! I couldn't believe the amount of new vegan products on the market, and I'm sure there will be even more in the next issue.

There are also easy to follow recipes with ingredients you can actually buy, which is so rare for a magazine recipe I find! This month's recipes were 'a feast from the east' - delicious Asian cuisine like this soba noodle salad (above).

There are also fashion and beauty pages - swoon! - with beauty picks for men! Cruelty-free men's skincare is not the easiest thing to find so I was pleased to see that men hadn't been left out (it means they don't steal our stuff!)

Just had to include this raw cranberry apple pie... oh my goodness. How good does this look?

One of my favourite parts of the Vegan Life Magazine is the features. 

This one in particular struck a chord with me and I must've read it five or six times. It's about the recent crash on the M62 motorway where a lorry carrying 7,000 live chickens struck the central reservation, leaving around 1,500 of the chickens dead.

Nearby farm owners Louise Fields and Emma Billington were awoken by the sound of the crash, and spent hours rescuing as many of the chickens as they could (around 2,000 in the end).

In the feature, Emma and Louise talk about rescuing the hens and the poor state they were found in, which prompted a petition calling for an investigation into the way the animals were treated. It's a great, but really emotional read. 

(You can check out Emma & Louise's Facebook page, 'Justice for Hens' here.)

I'm really impressed with the first issue of Vegan Life - so much so that my most recent issue of Cosmo still sits in the plastic. Each time I read it I find something new, something useful, something interesting, even the adverts are great and relevant!

To find out more and subscribe, visit

Have you picked up a copy (or a digital copy) yet? What was your favourite article?

Emily x

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