Sunday, 21 September 2014

VEGAN TOON - The Town Wall

Today Andrew and I decided to round off the week with a spot of Sunday lunch at one of our favourite haunts. We've had a bit of a turbulent week, mostly motor-related, so we felt like we deserved some time out. It started with a flickery oil light and ended in a call to the AA and a six-inch screw in the sidewall of one of my tyres. Not cool, car.

Although Andrew doesn't work most Sundays, we usually end up doing bits of life admin and slumping in front of the TV, so it was nice to have some time together for vegan Sunday dinner at The Town Wall.

I'd  heard on the grapevine that the Town Wall had started serving Sunday lunch, and better yet, that the vegetarian option was also suitable for vegans! Other restaurants - take note. If your veggie option is also suitable for vegans, we'll all eat it and you'll make more money, simple!

We perched in the cosy 'library' section of the pub, which was busy but not overly so - just right for a lazy Sunday afternoon.

After making our selection (duh, the vegan one!) we settled down for a bit of a wait. The girl who took our order explained they were having some technical problems in the kitchen so it would be around 40 minutes for our food to arrive. We didn't mind, we'd walked across town for lunch, and besides, where else can you get a quality vegan Sunday lunch in Newcastle?

After about 40 minutes, the above dish arrived. I knew something wasn't right when I spotted the Yorkshire pudding, but on further inspection I spotted what looked remarkably like cauliflower cheese. I was impressed that The Town Wall had come up with an original vegan Sunday lunch option,,, surely they hadn't pushed the boat out to vegan Yorkshires and cheese too?!

Nope, a mix up in the kitchen meant we'd been given some non-vegan items. Oops. All credit to The Town Wall, they rectified the mistake and even offered us free drinks and lots of apologies. We didn't mind, when the real dish arrived it was so delicious it was worth waiting for.

The main event of lentil and cashew nut roast was divine, well seasoned and containing a smattering of cranberries, it wouldn't be out of place on a proper Christmas dinner. The dish was served with roasted parsnips and carrots which were cooked to perfection - there's nothing worse than a Sunday dinner with soggy carrots, these were expertly al dente.
There were also two types of cabbage and leeks, as well as some tasty roast potatoes and a plentiful homemade vegetable jus.

Delicious food and excellent value for £8.95 per person - we were stuffed enough to relish the walk back to the car. Well played, Town Wall, but if you ever need to know the secret to a great vegan Yorkshire pud, give me a shout.

Emily x

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