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The Vegan Kind subscription box February 2015 #TVK16

The Vegan Kind February 2015 #TVK16

This month has been subscription box heaven in our house. Not only did I receive the Flowbox (review here), but I also got my regular Vegan Kind box and The Vegan Kind Beauty Box (review coming soon). Even Harvey got in on the action, I ordered him a special Valentine's Bark Beats box which he loved.

Lots of people have been saying on social media that this is the best ever Vegan Kind box, and I have to say, it's a pretty good one. Here's what was inside.

Freedom Vegetarian Mallow Choc Dip

Freedom Vegetarian Mallow Choc Dip

Freedom Mallows Choc Dip (RRP £2.49)

I think this was the item that earned #TVK16 the title of 'Best Vegan Kind Ever'. People just love these little marshmallows. I've mentioned before, I'm not the biggest marshmallow fan, but even I had a little squeal when I saw this. One side of the tub contains a handful of chewy vanilla mallows and the other a decadent dark chocolate sauce to dip them into. Not only is this vegan but it's also gluten free! Exciting new items like this make The Vegan Kind worth every penny.

Fit Bites Maca Mantra

Fit Bites Maca Mantra

 Fit Bites Maca Mantra (RRP £2.30)

Apparently there were two different flavours of Fit Bites in this month's box, Spirulina Stretch and Maca Mantra - which was the flavour I received. These look great - little energy balls that are 100% organic, raw and, of course, totally vegan-friendly.
The flavour I received contains a host of yummy ingredients including dates, raisins, almonds coconut and maca - a root vegetable which is said to help fatigued muscle tissue heal quicker and stronger. I've just started a new workout programme so I'll be holding on to these for a post-workout snack!

White Rabbit Skincare Toning Eye Cream

 White Rabbit Skincare Toning Eye Cream (RRP £8.00)

I was so excited to receive this in my Vegan Kind box - I've been wanting to try White Rabbit Skincare forever! I usually use this Ren gel under the eyes rather than a cream, but this feels really light so hopefully my makeup will stay put on top of this. I've tried a little on the back of my hand and it sinks in really quickly and easily and leaves the skin feeling soft and hydrated so I'm hoping it works just as nicely under the eye.

EatReal Sour Cream and Chive Quinoa Chips

Eat Real CoFresh Sour Cream & Chive Quinoa Chips (RRP £0.79)

I love these quinoa chips and have tried every flavour but these in the past, so I can't wait to give these a go! They're a really light alternative to crisps - they remind me a little of Walkers Sunbites in terms of crunch and texture - delicious!

Supernutrients Banana Powder

Supernutrients Banana Powder (RRP £4)

Another totally new product on me - this time it's organic red banana powder! I love bananas so I can't wait to try out this naturally sweet powder stirred into a bowl of fruity breakfast oats, sprinkled over a dessert or mixed into a smoothie - yum!

Did you get this month's Vegan Kind box? Did you think it was the best one yet?

Emily x

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