Sunday, 8 March 2015

Mama Tyne's 50th birthday in York

My mum, me and my sister in York

On Friday my mum celebrated her 50th birthday! So to mark this most joyous of occasions (maybe not so joyous for her), me, my sister Sophie and my mum headed to York for a couple of days.

(Excuse the small snaps that follow, had my camera set to square mode #instagramproblems).

My sister, Sophie and my mum on the train to York.

We got the train from my old home town of Hartlepool through to York on Friday morning. The train was super-fast so we got to York in just over an hour, and on the way we enjoyed a breaksecco (breakfast prosecco). That's my sister on the left and my mum on the right, just in case you couldn't tell which is which...

Goji Cafe York

When we got off the train we realised we should probably have solids, so we headed to Goji Cafe near the Shambles for some vegan-friendly breakfast.

Soy latte Goji Cafe York

I had a soy latte and this yummy vegan superfood granola with soy yoghurt and fruit compote. The granola was absolutely delicious and came with this little jug of soy milk. The compote was tart and rich, the perfect complement to the soy yoghurt.

Vegan granola breakfast at Goji Cafe in York.

My mum and sister aren't vegan so they opted for a veggie breakfast instead, crumpets with goats cheese and caramelised onions served with a tomato chutney. Although it was their first time trying a crumpet with a savoury topping, they both couldn't compliment this dish enough and have vowed to try making it at home.

Crumpets with goat's cheese and caramelised onions at Goji Cafe in York.

We spent the rest of the day shopping and partaking in birthday drinks. I picked up an amazing falafel deli bagel at Bagel Nash near the Jorvik viking centre - it didn't last long enough for me to photograph but it was vegan if you're looking for a speedy lunch option in York.

On Friday night we headed to Jamie's for dinner but the vegan menu still isn't available (sob) and there was a very real risk I was going to end up with pasta in tomato sauce, so we ditched Jamie's and headed to Pizza Express. Again I didn't photograph my dinner but I had the Pianta pizza which is cheese-free, and some doughballs. Tip: if you tell your server you're vegan they'll bring you olive oil and balsamic instead of garlic butter for the doughballs.

My mum, me and my sister celebrating my mum's 50th birthday in York.

We bought my mum that badge and she totally wore it with pride all day.


The next day we'd booked a prosecco afternoon tea for my mum. Like the absolute legend that she is, despite me and my sister battling raging hangovers, Mama Tyne took one for the team and drank the prosecco. Total professional.

My mum enjoying prosecco afternoon tea at Georgina's Cafe in York

Afternoon tea is generally not the most vegan-friendly dish around. We'd looked at the famous Betty's tea rooms in York and the message on their website basically said, "no our teas aren't suitable for vegans so please don't ask."

Luckily, I stumbled upon Georgina's Cafe during a Google search and gave them a call to ask if they could provide a vegan option. They honestly could not have been more helpful, they answered as if they get asked that question about 100 times a day, so I booked with confidence.

Vegan afternoon tea at Georgina's Cafe in York

This is what they presented me with - my own little platter of goodies!

Vegan afternoon tea at Georgina's Cafe in York

The chef had made the bread buns especially for me since they usually use a french bread which contains milk. All four sandwiches had a different filling - one was hummus and sundried tomato, one was mixed roasted veggies, one was another hummus-style paste (can't remember the name - oops) and one was a Waldorf salad-style filling with homemade dressing. The hummus must have been homemade since there were chunks of chickpea throughout the sandwich.

Then for the cakes - a lemon and poppyseed cake (one of my favourites) with a 'buttercream' frosting, a mixed berry cookie / cake hybrid and a chocolate and walnut torte.

They didn't have soy milk, so I opted for a green tea with jasmine which was deliciously refreshing.

I was so impressed with the effort Georgina's had gone to in order to create a yummy vegan afternoon tea - each and every morsel was divine, and I would go back in a heartbeat!

My mum and sister also devoured their traditional afternoon tea which came with fresh scones, jam and cream. We will definitely be returning (and leaving the hangovers at home). Georgina's was a beautiful old building which has retained so many of its charming original features, it was like a history lesson walking to our table.

Happy 50th birthday to my wonderful mum - thank you for such an enjoyable weekend in Yorkshire (and thanks for always coming to the vegan-friendly places with me, even if they're a bit further to walk in your heels <3)

We had such a wonderful time in York that we're now entering to win an amaaaazing trip by train (but a bit further this time) to Bruges with Great Rail Journeys! It would be the perfect way to celebrate mum's 50th, say thanks for everything she's done for us in a medium other than cake, and give her some much-needed time away from work.

Living away from home and working full time means we don't get to spend as much time together as we'd like, and this weekend away together has made us realise how precious quality time together really is.

Emily x

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