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The five best things about being a vegan

Being a vegan is absolutely brilliant. Ask any of us. That's why people think vegans are preachy, we're not, we just think being a vegan is the absolute BEST and want to share it with everybody we come into contact with. We realise that doesn't always make us popular.

But there are some things people just don't know about living a vegan lifestyle, so here are - what I think are - the five best things about being a vegan.


When you think of veganism, you automatically think of food. Most people will no doubt think of Instagram-worthy smoothie bowls and spirulina. That's not what we eat (most of the time).

Discovering new, flavourful, vibrant plant-based foods is one of the joys of being a vegan. Kale chips, quinoa, burrito bowls, curries and all things avocado will take the place of stodgy cheesy pasta bakes in your drool-worthy recipe repertoire.

But it's not just about discovering new foods, it's about discovering that the old things that we used to love are vegan friendly, too. Oreos, am I right?

We're never worried salmonella and getting our five fruits & veggies a day is a total breeze.
Plus veggies are way cheaper than meat so you'll save a bunch of money on your weekly food shop.


Studies show that a diet high in fresh, whole foods and free from animal products is one of the best for our health. I choose my words carefully because it's just as easy to be unhealthy on a vegan diet as it is on a non-vegan one (see above Oreos). 

Lots of vegans - me included - find that they lose a few lbs when they first go vegan, probs cos dairy is literally DESIGNED to help a tiny baby calf bulk up to become a big cow as quickly as possible. That's nature. Think about that for a sec.

Within a few days of going vegan you start to feel indescribably 'clean' as the cells in your body renew, and about two weeks in you suddenly develop ALL OF THE ENERGY. You spring out of bed on a morning and you actually crave exercise just to burn off some of this damn hyperactivity. Yep, you become one of those people. Sickening isn't it? Only it's actually THE BEST.

A vegan diet can help lower cholesterol, which keeps your heart happy, and can also help prevent diabetes - can I get a virtual high five?

Headaches? What headaches? Colds? Don't know what you're talking about. Allergies? Forget about them. These minor ailments become relics in the depths of your pre-vegan memory banks because when you go vegan your immune system gets a big, plant-based shield and those sniffles can look for another mere mortal to manifest in.


At first, finding vegan makeup seems impossible. Finding good vegan makeup seems like it must surely be the holy grail of cruelty free ladies everywhere.

"HOW DO PEOPLE DO IT?" You cry. "WHY DOES EVERYTHING CONTAIN CERA ALBA?" You question the vegan gods (because by this point you have done a bit of research and you know cera alba is manufacturers' way of hiding beeswax in every god damn blusher you pick up in Boots).

But then you discover that most Superdrug own brand is vegan. And quite a lot of Soap & Glory. And Barry M. And Illamasqua. And EVEN NARS. And then your local Debenhams gets a Too Faced counter and you pretty much just give them your all of your wages and one day you empty your handbag and you realise you have 12 vegan lip products in there and you wonder what you were panicking about.


When I first went vegan I wondered what my friends would think. Would they shun me? Think I was weird? Try and shove bacon in my face? Thankfully I realised I have great friends who are open minded enough to try vegan cake and only go to places with soy milk (or vegan wine) when we're together. One or two even ditched dairy.

But the other thing that surprised me was how many new friends I made and people I met when I went vegan.

There are loads of groups out there - both on and offline - filled with people who've been there and done that, ready to share their wisdom (and their favourite brands of vegan cheese) with newbies. People accuse vegans of being so busy thinking about being kind to animals that they forget to be kind to their fellow humans. That's not true. We're a compassionate bunch by our very nature, but if you start telling us that you need bacon in order to survive and utter the 'f' word in our presence (food-chain) we might just turn on you.

You started it.


Despite all of the other great things that come with being a vegan, this one has got to be the best. After learning about the horrors of the dairy and egg industries, knowing I'm not a part of that and that nothing had to suffer to get me through the day is just about the best feeling there is.

It is said that a vegan saves 100 animals every year which would have otherwise been born into a life of suffering for nothing more than a meal. Knowing that 100 other living beings have been spared a nasty fate since I went vegan last April just makes me that much more determined to carry on this way of life for the rest of my time on this little planet.

And if this post has made you think about it too, well that would just be bloody brilliant.

Emily x

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  1. Such a good post, never knew that Soap & Glory and Illamasqua are vegan friendly. Do you know whether they are cruelty free or not? :) xx

    1. Thank you! Some of the S&G and Illamasqua products contain beeswax and carmine but there's loads which are vegan and both brands are cruelty free & against testing, if only alllll the other manufacturers would do the same! x

  2. Very well written. To the energy boost point, I love how my sleeping regime changed on veganism.. and also enjoy not being tired after every single meal haha. Will check the beauty products, never heard about those brands before. x

  3. I wasn't actually following you before I saw a tweet about your vegan giveaway on twitter but I'm really glad I am now :) I am slowly making the transition to veganism and really enjoying it. Although there are quite a lot of things that I loved that I can't eat now, I find that for the most part, I'm eating nicer things :)

    1. Thank you for the lovely comment Suzanna! What kind of things are you missing at the moment that you used to like? It does get easier with time and I found my tastes changed loads after the first few weeks so I craved less sugary things - I even stopped having two sugars in my tea which I'd had my whole life! x

    2. I've actually found that cutting down chocolate hasn't been so bad. But I love cheese and I think I'll find it very difficult to go without black tea!


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