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Tea on the... Wear?! A visit to the Good Apple Cafe in Sunderland

Tea on the Tyne at Good Apple Cafe in Sunderland

On Wednesday I took a day off work to take Andrew to have some minor surgery (don't worry - he's fine!) Afterwards we headed to Sunderland for a spot of lunch and I couldn't resist snapping this pic at the Good Apple Cafe - let's be honest, I need this tea light in my house.

Good Apple Cafe Sunderland

The cafe is just around the corner from Park Lane metro station and serves a mix of both vegetarian and vegan food. It was also getting a paint job on the day we visited - hence the big white van in the pictures! Fortunately these gorgeous window decals will be sticking around.

Good Apple Cafe Sunderland

We arrived a little early for lunch (anything before 12pm is brunch in my eyes), so we decided to grab a drink and chill for a little bit until the designated lunch time had arrived.

Andrew had this gorgeous matcha soy latte - the first one we'd ever tried, it was delicious. Creamy and rich, it reminded us of white chocolate. Worth a visit here for one of these alone.

Matcha Soy Latte at Good Apple Cafe in Sunderland

Good Apple also has a variety of different plant milks each day - when we visited, soy, almond and coconut were all on offer.

Matcha Soy Latte at Good Apple Cafe in Sunderland

The other great thing about Good Apple Cafe is the selection of tea - a whole menu dedicated to it in fact! I plumped for a Teapigs Yerba Mate and got a huge pot to myself which served about four cups and was delicious.

Tea on the Tyne at Good Apple Cafe Sunderland

Now for the food. After MUCH deliberation (and tea), Andrew went for the vegan burger which was a quinoa and broccoli patty and came with a side of sweet potato fries. The sweet potato fries were amazing - fluffy inside and tender outside, not too chunky and not so thin they blacken. I've had lots of sweet potato fries in my time and these were some of the best I've ever tried. Clearly we were too excited to eat them because we didn't take any photos, but Andrew took some footage which you can watch on his YouTube channel here if you like!

Vegan falafel at Good Apple Cafe in Sunderland

Wednesday also happened to be International Hummus Day so it felt only right that I ate as much hummus as I possibly could. With that in mind, I chose the falafel. I must also admit here that when it comes to falafel, I have a real problem. Like, I love it too much. In the past week I have eaten falafel three times. THREE.

Vegan falafel at Good Apple Cafe in Sunderland

The falafel didn't disappoint. Served in a warm pitta with homemade hummus, vegan tahini, roasted aubergine, shredded carrot, fresh coriander and sriracha, this was seriously indulgent (and bigger than my head). The accompanying side salad was also good - tender and fresh with a sprinkling of sprouts.

Vegan cakes at Good Apple Cafe in Sunderland

Good Apple also has a wide selection of desserts and cakes - all of which were vegan on the day we visited. Brownies, cupcakes, muffins, rocky road... choosing just one was almost impossible.

Vegan cakes at Good Apple Cafe in Sunderland

Andrew decided to take home a chocolate chunk brownie and I nabbed the last carrot muffin. The carrot muffin did not fare well on the journey home (hence the lack of photo) but it tasted incredible, lightly spiced with a smattering of raisins and a sticky cream cheese frosting.

Vegan brownie from Good Apple Cafe in Sunderland

The brownie had a hefty topping of semi-sweet chocolate and a chewy base littered with crunchy biscuit pieces. At least the bit I stole whilst Andrew wasn't looking did.

The whole meal (with tea and cake) cost just over £20 for the two of us we thought was excellent value. We'll definitely be back.

Emily x

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