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Vegan Tuck Box Subscription Box*

Vegan Tuck Box review

If you've been reading Tea on the Tyne for a while, you'll know I'm a big fan of a subscription box (you can read all my previous subscription box posts here). Last year when I first went vegan they really helped me find new brands and goodies which were vegan-friendly when I had no clue, and even now it's rare that a subscription box will contain something I've already tried.

Honestly when subscription box time rolls around it feels like vegan Christmas in our house. So when the lovely people at the Vegan Tuck Box asked me if I wanted to give one of their subscription boxes a try it was a total no-brainer.

The first thing that struck me on opening the box was just how many items were inside. There were 12 items crammed in to the box, which costs between £17 - £19 + P&P (depending upon if you take out a subscription or just purchase a one-off box).

I don't know why, but I'd always assumed the box would be all chocolate, so I was happy to see plenty of savoury items in here (although if chocolate's your thing, they've got a box for that, too.)

The one thing which my box didn't have and I felt was lacking was a list of the items. I like to know a bit more about the brands, the RRP of the products and so on. But I'm nosy. So I've done some digging and listed RRPs where possible below.

**EDIT: I later found out that subscribers get an email each month containing more info on the products and RRPs which saves on paper! Yey!

So... let's get stuck in to the contents.

Tuk Tuk Thai Summer Heat Spicy Peanuts

Tuk Tuk Snacks Thai Summer Heat Spicy Peanuts (RRP $2.69)

OK. These are not lying when they say they're spicy. They're that cheeky sort of spicy where you think they're fine and then they've got a little bit of a kick and then they've attacked the back of your throat and you need a glass of water. But in a good way.

What I really like about these is that they're authentic; they're imported from Thailand and use real ingredients like delicate lemongrass and fiery Thai chillis. The packet contains other spicy delights besides peanuts too, like Thai red onion and lime leaf. These would be a brilliant alternative to a bombay mix or rice crackers.

Doves Farm Fig & Linseed flapjack

Doves Farm Fig & Linseed Flapjack (RRP £0.69)

Snack bars are one of my favourite things about subscription boxes because they are just the perfect on-the-go snack to pop in your handbag. I've not tried this one yet but I love figs and this is organic which is a bonus. The palm oil in here is from a sustainable source too. Heavenly snacking.

Punch Foods Superseeds Meet your Maca

Punch Foods Superseeds - Meet Your Maca (RRP £3.99)

First off, I love this packaging. How often can you say your snacks match your nails? That is, I did love this packaging... until the bottom fell off the tube and the seeds and maca went everywhere in a superfood tsunami. Argh.

That being said, scooping them back into the tube was the perfect excuse to eat some, which only made me more gutted that I'd lost half of the tube to the (very lucky) dog. The maca powder in here offers just the right amount of sweetness to balance the nutty, savoury flavour of the organic sunflower and pumpkin seeds.

These would be perfect sprinkled on some Alpro yoghurt and fruit for a nice energy-boosting breakfast, and the maca should get that metabolism revved up and ready to face the day.

Ten Acre Crisps When Hickory Got BBQ'd

Ten Acre Crisps - When Hickory Got BBQ'd (RRP £0.80)

Ten Acre are one of those brands that can do no wrong in my eyes. This is the third of their extensive flavour range I've tried so far and they've all been amazing. And they're all vegan, because why shouldn't crisps be vegan?

Plus, if you visit the Ten Acre website you can read all about bearded morris dancer, Gerome Hickory, and how he came to be BBQ'd. Thankfully the crisps are Gerome-free as I'm sure morris dancers are not suitable for vegans.

Sarelle Vegan Chocolate Bar

Now this is pretty exciting. I haven't tried it yet but the description makes it sound like a Fererro Rocher bar. And I love Ferrero Rocher.

From what I can tell, Sarelle is a Turkish brand which sells delicious looking items like this as well as chocolate / hazelnut spreads and other seriously good stuff. You can buy this on the Vegan Tuck Box website too for the very reasonable price of 75p. Better stock up, really.

Emily Fruit Crisps Crunchy Apple

Emily Fruit Crisps - Crunchy Apple (RRP £1.85)

I have spoken in depth about my love for these crunchy little fruit crisps in a post here. In short: these are bloody lovely and you need to buy them now.

Golden Apple Raw Crackers Onion and Garlic

Golden Apple Raw Crackers - Onion & Garlic (RRP £3.00)

I have been trying to incorporate more raw foods into my daily routine now that the weather is warming up and it's easier to eat cold things for lunch, so these crackers will be a nice addition to my midday meals. The crackers are dried at 42 degrees making them suitable for those following a raw diet as well as vegans and people with 'impaired gluten tolerance' according to the packaging.

I have had the Golden Apple hazelnut and peppermint flavoured crackers before and... I wasn't impressed. I couldn't work out whether they were trying to be sweet or savoury and they were just a bit odd.

Thankfully these are MUCH nicer. They remind me a little bit of a less crunchy Ryvita but with a really robust onion and garlic flavour. These would be delicious with some soft vegan cheese or hummus or dipped in a soup. Yum.

Dark Chocolate Covered Cocomels

Dark Chocolate Covered Vanilla Cocomels (RRP £1.45)

Coconut. Milk. Caramels.

Caramels. Made from coconut milk.

These are one of the things I'm looking forward to trying most from the box. They come in three different flavours (espresso, vanilla and sea salt) but these are the vanilla flavoured ones. Oh coconuts, is there nothing you can't do?

Yummy Scrummy Raw Chocolate Brownie

Yummy Scrummy Raw Chocolate Brownie (RRP £2.50)

This was the first thing I ate from the box, since it's fresh it had a short shelf life, and just look at it. It was crying out to be eaten.

Packed full of raw cacao goodness, this brownie contains cacao butter, powder and nibs, as well as dates, walnuts, raisins, brazil nuts and goji berries and despite all its goodness, was every bit as scrummy and indulgent as a brownie should be.

Healthy, raw, vegan brownies are definitely the future.

Provamel Cashew Milk Drink

Provamel Cashew 'Milk' Drink (RRP £1.69 for a 500ml carton)

This was apparently an extra goody in the box which Provamel had included as a free gift! Very exciting. As plant milks go, I always buy Koko coconut milk whilst Andrew is strictly soya. I find Koko works best in tea, and let's face it, tea is pretty important so it's gotta be right.

Provamel Cashew Milk Drink

That being said, I love cashews and have even given my beloved Meridian Peanut Butter a rest for a while after discovering Meridian Cashew Butter, so maybe I'll be a cashew milk convert after this? Nevertheless, another plant milk on the market is another alternative to cow's milk and that's a brilliant thing.

Doisy & Dam Coconut & Lucuma Organic Dark Chocolate

Doisy & Dam Coconut & Lucuma Organic Dark Chocolate (RRP £1.75)

Now this stuff is good. If you like Ombar CocoMylk you will LOVE this. Smooth, rich and with just a hint of coconut, this is seriously moreish chocolate. And the inclusion of lucuma - a Peruvian superfood packed with potassium, iron, zinc and B vitamins - means that you can eat the whole bar and not feel guilty. Right?


iChoc Choco Cookie Vegan Chocolate

iChoc Choco Cookie (RRP £2.00)

Last, but by no means least, was this Choco Cookie bar which looks immediately enticing due to the suggestion that there is smushed up Oreos inside.

Yep. There's smushed up Oreos inside. But what is even more exciting than that is that this is 'milk' chocolate. It's actual, creamy, light, milky chocolate. After a year of dark chocolate it's strangely refreshing. A glance at the ingredients reveals rice drink powder which must be the secret.

At £2 a bar this is a hidden gem and an absolute steal. If you miss milk chocolate, this is a winner. Feed it to your non-vegan friends, they'd be non the wiser (or just keep it for yourself).

Phew, what a mammoth post! I'm honestly pretty blown away by the amount of goodies in the Vegan Tuck Box, but also at the quality of the contents. A lot of the items are from other countries, and there were really only one or two brands I'd ever heard of before. There's not one item in here which I wouldn't repurchase, and nothing that will sit in the cupboard until I'm really desperate for a snack.

If you'd like to give the Vegan Tuck Box a go for yourself, they have very kindly offered me a discount code to pass on to you lovely folks. Head on over to and enter the code 'blog20' at the checkout to get 20% off!

Have you ever tried the Vegan Tuck Box before? Will you be giving it a go now? Let me know!

Emily x

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