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North East Vegan Festival, 'NEVFEST' 2015

North East Vegan Festival NEVFEST 2015

PIC HEAVY POST ALERT - There was so much good stuff at this year's North East Vegan Festival I didn't actually realise how many snaps I'd taken (or how many goodies I'd bought...) until I got home and re-evaluated. It was a good'un.

Firstly, let me set the scene for you. The day before NEVfest was my best friend's hen party. I haven't seen her in a year, and I was Maid of Honour. Mere hours before NEVfest, I was doing this:

(Thanks to Vanessa for the video!)

It goes without saying that, when I arrived at NEVfest on Sunday morning (OK, it wasn't quite morning...) and was faced with this beautiful, cakey, bready goodness, I pretty much wanted to dive straight on the table and devour the whole lot, PAC-MAN style.

Global Fusion Vegan Creole at NEVFest

Global Fusion Vegan Creole at NEVFest

This INCREDIBLE bread-spread was courtesy of Global Fusion Vegan Creole, who are based in London, and if you ever spot them at a food market I can highly recommend the banoffee bread. Drool.

Ayni chocolate NEVfest

Ayni chocolate NEVfest

The beautiful Ayni Chocolate stall with the raw ingredients that go into her creations.

go! kombucha

go! kombucha tea - we tried alllll the kombucha.

Seaveg at NEVfest

Seaveg hand picked wild sea vegetables - chewy, salty, kinda weird.

Wheatberry at NEVfest

Incredible salads from Wheatberry.

So much chocolate from Considerit...

Grumpy Panda at NEVfest

Grumpy Panda mushroom burger at NEVfest

Lifesaving mushroom burger from Grumpy Panda with vegan mayo and pickles.

The Naked Geordies at NEVfest

The Naked Geordies Jungle Pie


OK, brace yourselves. Here's the haul.

Ten Acre Crisps

Ten Acre crisps - When the Chilli Got Sweet, The Story of When the Cheese met the Onion, and When Bombay Got Spicy. Hands down my favourite crisps, with so many good flavours (which are now being sold in the Farplace Charity Shop on Clayton Street, Newcastle crisp fans.) Add the chicken soup ones to your bucket list.

Washed Out Soap Co. Salt of the Earth and Basic Blended Body Butter

Washed Out Soap Co. 'Salt of the Earth' soap and 'Basic' blended body butter (my other half has reviewed these over on his blog here if you're interested in hearing more about this small-batch vegan soap company).

Considerit Madagascan Vanilla Chocolate Truffle Bar & Honeycomb Chocolate Bar

Considerit Honeycomb chocolate bar and Madagascan Vanilla chocolate truffle bar. At a vegan festival you are constantly surrounded by chocolate - not a bad thing. But something has to be really good about that chocolate for it to stand out. These made it into our baskets for that reason, because they were really bloody good. The honeycomb has freaking gold sprinkled on it, GOLD. Anyway, it tasted like the best Crunchie you've ever had in your life and I didn't want that little truffle thing to ever end. If you ever get the chance to eat these, do it.

Ayni matcha chocolate and 70% chocolate shapes

Ayni matcha chocolate bar and 70% chocolate shapes.
Likewise these Ayni chocolates. I don't know what she puts into this to make it so damn creamy but it is really working for me. This is what Hotel Chocolat wish they had produced when they made that 'Milk Free Milk' stuff that didn't really go to plan.

The Naked Geordies Jungle Pie

THIS, you guys. THIS. As I'm writing this I could shed an actual tear that I don't have one of these right now. This is a Naked Geordies Jungle Pie Cheesecake. The base is made from brazil nuts and medjool dates, followed by a layer of banana, a layer of coconut stuff and topped with cacao. It's not even bad for you and it tastes SO GOOD. Purchase of the day award.

Wheatberry Red Pepper Raw Hummus

Wheatberry Red Pepper Raw Hummus - I'd been trying to get my hands on this hummus for a few weeks but every time I went to a Wheatberry stall at an event it had sold out! It's definitely nothing like your store bought hummus - it's much drier and chunkier - but it's a nice change and it's packed with goodness.

Provamel Rice-Almond drink and Spelt drink

Provamel rice-almond milk and spelt milk.
Andrew bought these after trying a sample, he's been using the rice-almond milk in baking (he made a gluten free banana bread) and said it worked well. It has a very thick consistency, similar to single cream, so good for use in an eggless cake.

Chocolate Almond Fudge Clif Bar

Clif bar - chocolate almond fudge.
This was Clif energy bar was another of Andrew's purchases but I had a bite and it was gooood. Packed with natural energy, tasty and vegan, perfect.

Global Fusion Vegan Creole Banoffee Bread

Global Fusion Vegan Creole Mango Bread

Global Fusion banoffee bread and spiced mango loaf. I think there were more than a couple of people upset that Big Fat Vegan Bakery weren't at this year's NEVfest (see my post from last year's event and you'll soon realise why), but for me, Global Fusion was a pretty good stand in. Andrew and I split a slice of the DIVINE banoffee bread and we picked up one of the mango loaves for good measure which was lightly spiced and equally delicious.

Tyne Chease Soft Macadamia Vegan Cheese

Tyne Chease soft macadamia cheese - I've said many times before that Tyne Chease is my favourite vegan cheese, but this soft macadamia was a new variety to us so we picked one up. In true Tyne Chease style it did not disappoint. If you haven't tried this yet you really need to pick up a wheel, and if you've got some left over why not whack it on a sweet potato pizza? (Recipe here)

go! kombucha China White and Golden Yunnan

go! kombucha China White and Golden Yunnan.
I'd been wanting to try kombucha for ages and luckily the lovely chaps at go! kombucha had PLENTY of samples of their wide variety of kombucha teas. If you've never tried kombucha before it's a fermented tea which makes it mildly alcoholic and more than a little reminiscent of a scrumpy cider or perry. I went for the China White which is fizzy and champagne-eque, while Andrew plumped for the Golden Yunnan which is quite like a rich ale.

If you missed NEVfest, fear not! The Newcastle Vegan Festival is coming up on July 4th and I'm reliably informed that some of the NEVfest exhibitors will be there too (save me a Jungle Pie!).

The Newcastle Vegan Fest will be in the Assembly Rooms (just behind the o2 Academy) and you can pick up a standard ticket online for just £2 or a VIP ticket for £15 here. Hope to see you there!

Emily x

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  1. NEVFEST was my first vegan festival and I really enjoyed it, looking forward to seeing what the Newcastle one has to offer too! The ConsiderIt chocolate bars tasted delicious as well :) xx


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