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REVIEW - Eden Perfumes

Eden Perfumes

One of the cosmetics I always struggled with when I switched to cruelty free was fragrances. I used to work at The Perfume Shop (shout out to my spritzer girls!) so I know that many of the high street fragrances are owned by companies that test on animals and some brands still use animal derived ingredients in their perfumes.

I'd heard lots of good things about Eden Perfumes but was a bit reluctant to buy perfume on the Internet in case it was rubbish when it turned up! But everywhere I went Eden's name kept popping up so I took it as a sign to check the brand out.

Eden Perfumes has two stores in Brighton (for those of you that are lucky enough to live there) as well as an online store here.

In a nutshell, they make perfumes which are organic, vegan, cruelty free and smell like your favourite high street fragrances. Or at least that's what the website says.

They make both men's and women's fragrances as well as spritzes for pets! I started flicking through the women's section and was really surprised by the wide variety on offer - everything from Armani Code to Chanel No. 5 to discontinued favourites like Gucci Rush.

After much deliberation, I selected number 90, 'smells like Valentino by Valentina' and added to basket. Two days later, my perfume arrived. And oh my lord. I know why everyone was raving on about Eden Perfumes. This still smells exactly the same as the Valentino fragrance which costs upwards of £45, and it cost me £15!! In fact, I actually prefer the Eden version as it lasts so much longer on my skin, I'm talking a solid five or six hours before I have to reapply.

Eden Perfumes

The packaging is quite a basic spray bottle so it won't look as beautiful on your dresser as a Valentino, and I suspect all of the bottles look the same so I'm keeping this in its box in case I decide to buy another perfume from Eden so I can tell which is which as the bottle itself isn't marked at all. This isn't a bad thing as it actually means the fragrance won't spoil as quickly with it being out of direct sunlight, but it won't last long enough to spoil anyway!

For £15 this is an incredible bargain and I can't recommend this particular fragrance highly enough (of course this is the only Eden Perfume I've tried so I can't vouch for them all but I am definitely eyeing up my next purchase!)

Have you ever tried any Eden Perfumes?

EDIT: For the rest of July Eden Perfumes are on three for two! TEN QUID EACH. Such a bargain. Enter the code EDEN3FOR2 at checkout.

Emily x


  1. I've just purchased my first natural perfume; a gorgeous vanilla scent from Acorelle, which I managed to grab in a sale! I'll definitely be looking into Eden perfumes, too, as I've heard lots of good things about them. xxx - natural beauty, affordable fashion, everyday life

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