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The Vegan Kind Subscription Box December 2015 - TVK26

The Vegan Kind Subscription Box December 2015 TVK26

This month's Vegan Kind box boasts a nice array of festive goodies - include one or two new products and some old favourites I'm only too pleased to say hello to!

Cocoalibre Dark Mint Chocolate Owls

For me, when it comes to confectionery there's nothing that screams Christmas more than something of the mint chocolate variety. My granda Stan was born on Christmas day (which afforded him the middle name 'Noel'), and meant that Christmas was a really big deal in our family when we were growing up.

There are three things which instantly remind me of my granda: Bells Whiskey, Werther's Originals and After Eights. Me and my sister would fight over who got to pour his whiskey during Friday night sleepovers (all because it had one of these strange contraptions on the bottle which measured a single shot and just so happened to make a really funny noise), and he'd keep a tin of Werther's next to his chair for our Sunday visits. But After Eights? Those were strictly saved for Christmas time.

Cocoalibre Dark Mint Chocolate Owls

Of course, since going vegan, I've not eaten After Eights as they contain butterfat (grr), so these chocolate owls are the perfect substitute. These have the added bonus of being owl-shaped, and I freaking love owls. I even have an owl tattoo!

These aren't a soft fondant covered in chocolate, they are solid dark chocolate with a peppermint punch. The chocolates themselves are quite big, but not at all too sweet or sickly. Really delicious with a long-lasting, genuine peppermint flavour. Highly recommended.

Sticky Mix Oat and Cranberry Cookie Mix

I've blogged about these Sticky Mix kits before after receiving a chocolate cookie kit in the August TVK box. I love the concept behind these - pre-packed, pre-measured ingredients to make baking as easy as possible with only a few ingredients required! And this time, things have taken a turn for the festive, with this oat and cranberry cookie mix.

All that's needed to make these cookies is a butter substitute and some water, so I'm hoping to whizz these up during the week to take into work for my colleagues.

Harper's Bizarre Christmas Vegan Candle Not Even A Mouse

I'm pleased to say I'm beginning to build up a healthy collection of Harper's Candles after stocking up at the North East Vegan Festival recently. These are some of my favourite candles as they are such good value, have an incredible scent throw, long burn time, and the range of scents is impressive, with each one true to its description.

Not Even a Mouse is the spicy, fruity, cinnamonny scent of Christmas cake mix encapsulated in (soy) wax. I can't even describe to you how lovely this is. As someone who will happily burn an apple and cinnamon candle in the middle of June, I feel I can say with some certainty, this is one of the nicest Christmas candles I've ever tried. *Wafts*

Freedom Vegetarian Vanilla Marshmallows

This month's box either contained the mini pink and white marshmallows or the large white ones - as you can see I bagged the large white ones. I've blogged about these before - marshmallows are something I never particularly missed when I was veggie or since going vegan, but I know people rave about these and they are really handy for recipes - watch this space!

Choc Shot Chocolate Orange Spice

This is an oldie-but-goodie revamped! We've had Sweet Freedom Choc Shot in a previous box, and it's back for Christmas with an orange spiced twist! I cannot get over the fact that this is only 14 calories per teaspoon.

Choc Shot Chocolate Orange Spice

It is so rich and indulgent, perfect drizzled over ice cream (three scoops of Booja Booja might knock the calorie content up a bit, mind) or stirred into warm plant milk for a yummy hot chocolate drink.

Nakd Christmas Pud Bar

YAAAAAAS. These are in my top three Nakd bar flavours, and I'm so happy to see them back! (The other two are cocoa orange and cherry bakewell, just in case you were wondering).

Healthy, packed with natural ingredients, gooey, sticky, Christmassy, could you ask for any more? No. No you couldn't. Nakd bar people - PLEASE make these a year-round thing, yeah?

What did you think of this month's box? If you didn't get one but now you MUST HAVE ONE, here's all the details of how to subscribe.

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  1. I'd love to try the Choc Shot and I received some Freedom marshmallows for Christmas, which I've already been using - such an awesome gift! I'll definitely have to check out those candles; they seem very affordable and have some interesting scents. xxx - natural beauty, affordable fashion, everyday life


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