Sunday, 10 January 2016

REVIEW - Planet Pure Laundry Liquid*

Planet Pure Organic Laundry Liquid

Since we moved into our new house I've come over all domesticated. Not that I was a total slob before, but since moving I have become really particular about things and have been obsessively purchasing new cleaning products to ensure our new utility room is fully stocked.

When it comes to living a vegan / cruelty free lifestyle, it's about more than just the foods you eat and the products you use on your skin. Many household cleaning products contain animal products or are tested on animals, including some of the major brands like Ariel, Fairy, Lenor, Mr Muscle and Febreze. This can make choosing cruelty free household products a really difficult task, but thankfully not an impossible one.

A little while back I was asked by the lovely folks at the VEGAN lifestyle ASSOCIATION if I'd like to review a new laundry liquid, created by Planet Pure and sold in the UK by Fair Living. Planet Pure makes a variety of different types of liquid - including products for sensitive skin, delicate fabrics, and extra-sensitive baby skin - but I plumped for the product I'd get the most use out of; the laundry liquid for black and coloured garments.

Planet Pure Organic Laundry Liquid

Not only is this cruelty free and suitable for vegans, but it's also organic, fairly traded and paraben free. The laundry liquid contains no artificial, optical brighteners, which is what gives it this slightly strange brown colour. The cleaning agent in here is derived from natural soapnuts, which separates from the liquid so you have to give this a gentle shake before using to mix the ingredients.

Planet Pure Organic Laundry Liquid

Once you've given it a shake, it will produce this foam and go a slightly 'milky' brown colour. You may also see a lot of foam in your washing machine during use which is normal (although mine didn't seem overly foamy).

The liquid is scented with chamomile and orange which is lovely in the bottle but, unfortunately, didn't really transfer on to my clothes. I really like the fresh, fruity scent of this and would have liked it to linger a little in my wardrobe, but it's a small price to pay for such an ethically sound product.

After washing, my clothes were spotlessly clean and I had no problems with colour run or anything similar (although my wardrobe tends to lean towards the dark side anyway!) I don't have particularly sensitive skin but this hasn't caused me any problems as far as skin irritation, and the clothes were easy to iron even without using a fabric softener.

This bottle should wash 12 loads of laundry and costs a teeny tiny £1.99 which is phenomenal value.

Fair Living also sent me an accompanying Planet Pure stain remover to try but I've not had cause to use this just yet... watch this space!

Emily xo

Polite note: This review has been organised by the VEGAN lifestyle ASSOCIATION. It has not been paid for and the products were sent free of charge. This is my genuine and unbiased review of the product.


  1. Great post Emily thanks! I've just tried this too and it's a fab product! Washed the doggy blankets with it and they came out totally fresh smelling - which they don't normally! The stain remover is also great - it got curry and grease out of a top I thought I had ruined. And yes, I'm obviously a messy eater! Don't judge me...

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