Sunday, 28 February 2016

Vegan food in Durham - The Green Guerrilla

Vegan food in Durham - Durham Cathedral

After work on Friday I went to pick up my new car! I've been driving for *ahem* 10 whole years(!!!) and have always had cars which were at least 10 years old and often problematic. After receiving some exciting news last week (more on that coming soon), I decided to treat myself to a new(er) car, and on Friday I traded in my 13-year-old Nissan Micra for a much newer model!

Andrew happened to be off work on Saturday which is a rarity, so with the new car and a whole weekend ahead of us, we woke up feeling like the world was our oyster. We decided to hop in the car and take a trip to Durham, so off we set.

Saturday is market day in Durham, so the square was bustling, packed with shoppers and stalls selling all manner of wares. We had heard about The Green Guerrilla on Facebook; a vegan and vegetarian mobile food stall which was pitched in a prime position at the market. When lunch time rolled around we decided to give it a go, and we were really spoilt for choice.

The Green Guerrilla Vegan and Vegetarian Food Durham

The Green Guerrilla offers several vegan options - from burgers to hot dogs and sweet stuff, and all home made. We were pleased to see a queue forming at the stall, with people opting for a veggie or vegan option despite the availability of meat products at the surrounding stalls - probably because it smelled so delicious!

The Green Guerrilla Vegan and Vegetarian Food Durham

The Green Guerrilla Vegan and Vegetarian Food Durham

The Green Guerrilla Vegan and Vegetarian Food Durham

The Green Guerrilla Vegan and Vegetarian Food Durham

Andrew and I both opted for the same thing - the original vegan burger with bacon and cheese. All of the burgers come served with coleslaw and sweet potato cubes which were griddled alongside the other vegan dishes (we were pleased to see the vegetarian dishes being cooked on a separate griddle).

The Green Guerrilla Vegan and Vegetarian Food Durham

The burgers were served on a fluffy, toasted bun with salad and homemade sauce - a choice of maple and mustard, garlic and lime or tomato relish were on offer on Saturday. The coleslaw was easily the creamiest vegan coleslaw I've ever tried and took me straight back to my vegetarian days when I could eat a whole tub with a spoon, given half a chance. The sweet potatoes were cooked to perfection with the griddle leaving a smoky, BBQ-ed taste which was more than welcome on a chilly Durham day. The burger itself was beautifully fresh having been made in front of us minutes earlier. The patty was perfectly seasoned, juicy and tender and would have pleased even the most staunch meat eaters. Both Andrew and I said it was most likely the best vegan burger we have ever tried.

We both plumped for a 'chocolate crunch' flapjack which we took home and devoured last night, and we were also given a free cookie by the lovely staff. The whole lot came in at under £12 - absolutely phenomenal value for such delicious, fresh vegan food.

The Green Guerrilla also pitch up at the Quayside market on a Sunday, and no doubt Andrew and I would have paid them a second visit today did we not already have other plans! I would highly recommend getting your green fingers on a Green Guerrilla burger at the earliest opportunity.

Like them on Facebook here to see where they're going to be next.

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Monday, 15 February 2016

The Vegan Kind February 2016 - TVK28

The Vegan Kind February 2016

Each month when The Vegan Kind box arrives is a bit of a ceremony in our house. If Andrew's working late I have to wait until he gets home before the grand unboxing! This month's box is - in my humble opinion - one of the best boxes we've had in a while, if not... THE BEST BOX EVER. Read on to find out more...


Saturday, 13 February 2016

Volunteering at Bryson's Animal Refuge!

Last month I posted a DIY for a rustic dining table we'd made for our new home, as part of a wider blog-project I'm currently undertaking in which I'm trying one brand new thing every month (more about that here).

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