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Makeup Revolution Ultra Blush Palette - Golden Sugar

Makeup Revolution Ultra Blush Palette Golden Sugar

Oh, Makeup Revolution. How I love you and your palettes. (Click here for previous Makeup Revolution reviews).

These Ultra Blush Palettes have been on the market for a little while but I was on the lookout for a new highlighter and picked this up in my local Superdrug for the bargainous price of £6. I kid you not.

Makeup Revolution Ultra Blush Palette Golden Sugar

When I spotted these in Superdrug I instantly thought of the Hourglass Ambient Lighting Palettes - the planetary baked blushes have to have been an... 'inspiration' shall we say? But at just £6 (vs the Hourglass' £56), they're making chic highlighting much more affordable.

This is the 'Golden Sugar' palette - there are quite a few other palettes in the range all leaning in different directions colour-wise. At first glance I thought the shades in here might be a bit too bronze-toned for my oh-so-pale skin, but after a cheeky shop swatch it became apparent that the colours aren't quite as pigmented as they appear in the pan once they're on the skin.

Makeup Revolution Ultra Blush Palette Golden Sugar

In a nutshell, the palette is comprised of two highlighters, four blushes and two bronzers. Realistically, the blushers are also quite illuminating, so could double-up as highlighters for a day when you're wearing a more natural look, and the highlighters also double-up as shimmer eyeshadows so what you're actually getting here is phenomenal value.

The shades aren't named, so I've numbered them (above). Here's my thoughts as a pasty lady.

1. White-based highlighter with a golden bronze running through it in the pan which doesn't transfer to the skin. On the skin this is super-concentrated so a little goes a really long way. Silvery and buttery, this is easy to blend out but seriously, don't overdo it. You only need a tiny bit of this stuff to have a massive impact.

2. A soft, peachy pink blusher with a hint of highlight running through it, this is super flattering on my pale skin tone.

3. This blush has got a much more purple tone to it but it comes across quite rosy on the skin. Again, this has a hint of illumination and is really nice to give a flush of colour to pale skin.

4. One of the two 'bronzers' in the tray, I personally would use this when I've got a tan (fake, obv.) as a blush, there's quite a heavy gold shimmer in this so I can't see it working too well as a contour shade. On the temples though? That's a different story.

5. I much prefer this highlight to number 1 - it's not quite as frosty which makes it a lot more subtle and wearable. This is definitely the shade I'll reach to most often.

6. Shades 6 and 7 are the most terrifying to me as a pasty person. LOOK HOW BROWN THEY LOOK. I would never pick something like this if I was shopping for a single blush, which I guess is the nice thing about buying a palette - you use shades you might ordinarily never give a second glance. On the skin, this is gorgeous. It loses most of its scary brown and transforms into an iridescent, rose gold, not dissimilar to NARS Orgasm.

7. Shade number 7 is slightly darker, but it also has a gorgeous brown toned rose on the skin with a distinctive gold running through it. Again, this will look really nice with a tan, or with a very light hand on pale skin,

8. The second bronzer in the set is much more a contour shade - matt with no shimmer. On my arm this looks a little muddy and there's a hint of orange in there so I'm not sure how it will look on me, but I'll give it a go. I think if you're looking for a cheap contour shade, there are probably better on the market, but if you only had this one palette to do your blush, highlight and contour, shade 8 would be your go-to for contour.

Makeup Revolution Ultra Blush Palette Golden Sugar

Overall, this is another solid little palette from Makeup Revolution. It's versatile, the colour payoff is good and the product is very workable. I am constantly amazed that Makeup Revolution products are so cheap, but everything I've tried has been so good!

Makeup Revolution Ultra Blush Palette Golden Sugar

All of the Makeup Revolution range is cruelty free (yey!) and lots is vegan, They bring out so many new products all of the time that the ingredients list on their website is really out of date, but they're pretty good at getting back to people on Twitter if you're looking for something in particular. They don't claim their products are suitable for vegans, as they do use things like beeswax, so it's not a fully vegan line.

I picked this up at Superdrug, but Makeup Revolution is also stocked in lots of Boots stores, and you can buy online at

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  1. Excellent review. As soon as superdrug opens I am getting this!


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