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The Vegan Kind Subscription Box March 2016 - TVK29

The Vegan Kind Subscription Box March 2016 TVK29

It's Vegan Kind time again! How I love these little boxes! There are loads of past reviews of these on my blog, but they're such a good way to discover new vegan brands and products (some good, and some not so good!) that I just love writing these reviews each month. Plus I get to eat all the stuff so, y'know.

The Foods of Athenry Cookie Shots Bite Size Brownie Biscuits

The Foods of Athenry Cookie Shots Bite Size Brownie Biscuits (RRP £2.95)

OK, I'm gonna level with you here. When I opened this month's box and saw these biscuits I was like, 'gluten free, wheat free, vegan, 18 calories per cookie. Yeah, those are going to taste like dirt.' I was so wrong. These are delicious. In fact, they are too delicious, it is absolutely impossible to just have 18 calories of biscuit because once you have one, you want five more, and that's how you end up eating 360 calories of biscuit. They're resealable but once you've resealed the bag it's kinda hard to open it again, so you may as well just leave the bag open really. Oh, where did they go?


Soyspresso (RRP £2.19)

I haven't tried this yet, purely because I keep forgetting it's in my fridge on a morning. Must try harder. Apparently it's the first organic cold coffee drink with a soya base, so that's exciting. I also really like the packaging, although I think I'll use a straw because the part that peels back on the top for you to drink from looks like a recipe for spillage in my clumsy hands. Another interesting new addition to TVK.

Wheaty Red Hot Chilli Pepper Spacebar

Wheaty Red Hot Chilli Pepper Spacebar (RRP £1.20)

I was kinda dubious about this because it looks so authentically sausage-like. It's actually really tasty! A bit chewy at first, but the flavour is really good - quite smoky with a hint of spice. I imagine this would be nice sliced on a pizza, but it made an equally good snack.

Considerit Chocolate Cream Egg

Considerit Chocolate Cream Egg (RRP £1.90)

Arghhhhhh vegan cream egg!! Saturday just gone was actually my birthday and I was being really good and trying not to eat any chocolate in the run-up to cake-and-gin day (aka, my birthday). That meant this cream egg was out of bounds which was actual torture.

I don't know if it's because it had been 'forbidden' for so long, or it just actually was this delicious, but it was pretty much the best thing I've ever eaten. I've had Considerit's mini truffle bars before and they are to die for so even if you can't get your hands on a cream egg, give their Madagascan vanilla truffle a go. You won't be disappointed.

Vegan for the Animals Magnet, Choose Compassion Go Vegan sticker

Vegan for the Animals Magnet (RRP £2.50) and Choose Compassion Go Vegan Sticker (RRP £1.50)

Aww, I bloody love these! The magnet has taken pride of place on my fridge where it shall stay forevermore, reminding me why I'm vegan and why it's staying that way. (P.S. check out my Instagram for more emoji-laden selfies @teaonthetyne.)

Tea on the Tyne vegan blogger

Hectares Red Onion and Black Pepper Sweet Potato Crisps

Hectares Red Onion and Black Pepper Sweet Potato Crisps (RRP £1.00)

I'm pretty sure I've had these Hectares Sweet Potato Crisps before and they have rebranded? They seem really familiar. Anyway, I love these! A welcome twist on the traditional potato crisp, earthy and full of flavour. Yum.

You can get your very own TVK box at and you can read about previous boxes here!

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