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North East Vegan Festival (NEVFest) May 2016

North East Vegan Festival NEVFest 2016

Today we took a drive through to the Stadium of Light in Sunderland for the first NEVFest of the year. NEVFest was also the second vegan festival I've been to in as many weeks, after volunteering at the Newcastle Vegan Festival just last Saturday, veganism is taking over!

Read on to see who was exhibiting and what we bought...

Flip & Fast Vegan Crepes

On entering the first floor of NEVFest we were met with Flip n Fast vegan creperie. Flip n Fast make vegan and vegetarian crepes and galettes, filled with all kinds of yummy goodness, including strawberries and cream, chocolate and banana and the simple - but firm favourite - lemon juice and sugar. All of the crepes are made to order and, although we didn't try one, I've only heard good things.

Flip n Fast Vegan Crepes

Moving along we spotted Hendersons of Edinburgh. Hendersons is a well established vegan and veggie restaurant / deli in bonny Scotland, who'd crossed the border for today's festival, bringing with them an impressive array of salads to whack into a kebab or Buddha box. The seitan kebab even came on its own mini rotating grill!

Hendersons of Edinburgh kebab and Buddha box

Hendersons of Edinburgh kebab and Buddha box

Next up, one of our favourites; The Nut Roaster. 100% pure almond, cashew or peanut butter with absolutely no additives. Whenever we can get our mitts on this, it's our nut butter of choice and we have to buy one of each. The cashew butter in particular is absolutely delicious. Available in Fenwick Newcastle or pick them up at Tynemouth Market most weekends.

The Nut Roaster

I'm always happy to see ConsiderIt chocolate at a festival! Their selection of products is absolutely insane, and they're always coming up with exciting new concepts and flavours. Their truffle bars are my usual go to (Madagascan vanilla is my personal favourite), but today I picked up two new products... see my haul at the end of this post to check out which treats I picked up.

ConsiderIt vegan chocolate

Lush's stall always looks so vibrant and colourful! And it goes without saying, smells divine.

Lush NEVFest

Dickies Nutz were new to us, a family run business born out of a love of nuts and a frustration at the lack of 'clean' flavoured nuts on the market. There was an abundance of different flavours of cashew nut, ranging from a simple sea salt & black pepper, right through to vindaloo, peri peri and 'supahot' which, the woman behind the stall assured us, lived up to their name! All of the flavour mixes are handmade and free from additives or anything artificial.

Dickies Nutz

Another vegan festival staple, Missy's Vegan Cupcakes, who always have the most beautiful stall but it's always so swamped! I was lucky to catch a rare moment where the stall was free for me to snap a quick photo, the queue definitely wasn't empty for long! My favourite is the salted caramel pretzel cupcake, if you need any help narrowing it down!

Missy's Vegan Cupcakes

But it's not all cakes and kebabs, Wheatberry's fresh salad mixes always look so vibrant and full of life! Their raw sprouted hummus is some of the best I've ever tasted.


I've spoken about my love for Harper's candles on the blog before, they have an amazing scent throw, last ages, burn evenly and cleanly and the range of scents on offer is mindblowing - especially if you get a chance to raid their 'bargain bin' where you could pick up one (or two) of their 'experimental' scents.

Harpers Bizarre Candles

CRUNCH TIME. Time to decide where you're going to go for lunch. Always the hardest decision of NEVFest for me, especially since there are so many amazing choices on offer! Today I went for a black bean burger from Grumpy Panda, which came with vegan cheese sauce, pickles, tomato salsa, salad and coconut bacon. IT WAS ABSOLUTELY AMAZING. I wish Grumpy Panda would do more events as I've tried their food three or four times over the years and it is always so delicious, even my omni dad raves about their mushroom burgers with homemade mayo!

Grumpy Panda

Andrew went for a burger from The Green Guerrilla - honestly I was so torn between this and Grumpy Panda as I've professed my love for the Green Guerrilla's burgers on here before but I wanted to go for something a bit different. I did have a little bit of food envy when I saw them plating up Andrew's sweet potato wedges but I still managed to steal a bite so it's all good.  

The Green Guerrilla

Sgaia's range of artisinal 'mheats' is a real game changer in terms of vegan meat alternatives. All of their products are handmade by co-founders Hilary and Alberto, and they just offer something a bit different from the usual burgers and mince. For me, what Sgaia is doing is really exciting and could revolutionize the way people see vegan foods - I'm sensing big things for this little company.

Sgaia Foods

I was drooling for a good few hours over Unless Hardcore Vegan Catering's stall at last week's Newcastle Vegan Festival (I just so happened to be volunteering at a stall nearby and had a staring contest with that Lotus donut). Sadly I was off into town straight after the festival so couldn't take home any of their amazing looking doughnuts or cheesecake, although I did pick up a bottle of Fritz-Kola for Andrew as it was a firm favourite of his when we were in Berlin last year.

Unless Hardcore Vegan Catering

Unless Hardcore Vegan Catering

When I found out the Unless team were making their way back up north for today's NEVFest, I knew I'd have to pay them another visit, and not just for a drink this time!

Unless Hardcore Vegan Catering

Unless Hardcore Vegan Catering


There's always potential to go crazy at these festivals and buy one of everything, just because you can! We tried to be good, and just stick to things we really wanted, so here's what we brought home...

Two Fritz-Kola's which took us straight back to good times in Germany - this is honestly so delicious! Wish it was more readily available here in the UK (along with the amazing apfelschorle which was my personal fave whilst in Berlin).


I picked up the chilli & garlic cashews at Dickies Nutz, these will be delicious sprinkled on a salad or just on their own as a desk-friendly, healthy snack.

Dickies Nutz chilli and garlic

Choosing what to buy from ConsiderIt was probably the hardest decision I've made in a long time! I finally went for the cream egg chocolate bar (yep, these were the people behind that vegan cream egg this Easter and they've made it into a bar!) as well as another new product; popcorn coated in chocolate and sprinkled with raspberries. Hello, heaven!

ConsiderIt Cream Egg Bar

ConsiderIt chocolate and raspberry popcorn

I've tried Sgaia's 'mheat' steak before and was so impressed I couldn't wait to see what else they had on offer. We picked up two packs of their smoked maple pancetta, some peppery pulled pastramheat and some rashers of streaky bacon. I am so excited to give these a try! The pancetta will be perfect on a warm salad or in a stir fry loaded with veggies, and the bacon? It's got to go in a sandwich!

Sgaia smoked maple pancetta

Sgaia peppery pulled pastramheat

Sgaia streaky rashers

Last but by no means least, we headed to Unless Vegan Hardcore catering for some cheesecake. We chose strategically - Andrew went for chocolate peanut butter whilst I plumped for a slice of the white chocolate raspberry, knowing full well we'd split them later on. Can't wait to tuck into this tonight!

Unless Hardcore Vegan Catering vegan cheesecake

Did you go to either of the two vegan festivals? What did you pick up? I'd love to see what you chose!

Emily xo


  1. It seems as though there was a lot more stalls this year, the crepes look delicious!! Creme Egg chocolate sounds rather interesting too :) xx

    Yasmina | The July Journal

  2. Wonderful review! Those HCVC cheesecakes are game changing.

  3. Thank you so much for the lovely review! Would you mind if we shared this on our sites? :)


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