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Teaforia Ground Matcha Tea Review*

Teaforia Ground Matcha Tea Review

As the name of the blog might suggest, I am a big fan of tea. I drink six cups + of the good stuff every day in many different forms; English breakfast (I like mine with Koko), fruit, herbal, iced, the list goes on. The folks at Teaforia asked if I wanted to give their gourmet, stone ground teas a try and I couldn't resist, so they very kindly sent me three varieties to try; their Premium Japanese Organic Matcha, Citrus Zen and Ginger Ninja (which unfortunately isn't vegan-friendly as it contains honey, so I've just reviewed the other two here).

Teaforia Citrus Zen Tea

Teaforia was born out of a keen interest in Buddhist monks in Japan who made their tea by steaming, drying and grinding tea leaves to dissolve in water, rather than brew. When you brew tea in a bag or strainer, not only do you remove the leaves but you also remove most of the nutrients from the plant - some studies have shown up to 90% of the nutrients from the tea are removed and thrown away when you remove the bag. Teaforia's teas are made from whole ground leaves so that none of the nutrients are wasted.

The Citrus Zen tea is a blend of finely ground matcha tea, lemon and lemongrass. The tea comes in a powder form, with 12 servings inside the box. The powder is in a bag which you have to cut open - my only criticism is that the bag isn't resealable so I had to use a clip to reseal the bag, not a dealbreaker but a nice to have.

Teaforia Citrus Zen tea

The box itself is sleek and black with pops of orange, yellow and white. I really like the packaging - it screams flavour and freshness, and is really inkeeping with the high-end ethos of the brand. The website is an extension of this - sleek and colourful throughout.

Teaforia Citrus Zen tea

The packaging suggests the Citrus Zen can be enjoyed as a hot tea or chilled over ice. As it was so nice and sunny today, I decided to try it cold. I made up a pitcher of tea using hot water and popped in the fridge for an hour to chill, before throwing in loads of ice and fresh lemon wedges.

Teaforia Citrus Zen tea

The iced Citrus Zen was absolutely delicious. Sweet, refreshing and slightly tangy, it is the perfect drink for a hot summer day, I went back for seconds and thirds! The matcha taste is very subtle, although it does give the tea a hint of a green colour, I find matcha always gives me a nice boost of energy and this really picked me up after a long walk in the sunshine with Harvey.

Teaforia Premium Matcha Tea

The packaging of the Premium Matcha tea is similar to the Citrus Zen, but you can tell instantly that this really is a premium product. The inside of the box slides up to reveal the matcha, delicately packaged inside its bag. 

Teaforia Premium Matcha Tea

Again, the tea is stoneground into a very fine powder with the most brilliant green colour. Matcha is a superfood which is packed with antioxidants and energy-boosting compounds and can even help with weight loss.

Teaforia Premium Matcha Tea

I made up a 'matcha shot' using the powder and hot water, which I stirred before frothing with a whisk. Matcha has such an unusual, Earthy taste which you will either love or hate! I personally love it, and I was instantly taken back to Berlin where we drank matcha lattes in The Bowl to wake us up after an early morning flight. The Teaforia matcha is smooth and rich with a distinctive flavour and a beautiful deep green colour. You can also use matcha in cakes, smoothies and juices to add an extra oomph to your day.

Teaforia Premium Matcha Tea

Both teas are available to purchase online at the Teaforia website - the Citrus Zen is £5 and the Premium Matcha is £15. I really enjoyed both flavours and can't wait to try the Citrus Zen warm, as well as whipping up a supercharged matcha latte with some almond milk!

Do you like matcha tea? What's your favourite matcha recipe? Let me know!

Emily xo

*I was sent this tea free of charge to try, however this post is not sponsored or paid for and all opinions are 100% my own, as they always have been and will be.


  1. These sound really lovely. I really like that there's no waste and you're getting all the goodness. I'm yet to try Matcha but I love green tea so hopefully I like it just as much. Great review! =^-^=

    Sam | Momentarily Dreaming

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