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Tribe subscription box review

Tribe Subscription Box Review

Last year I got heavily into my fitness regime. I was eating super-healthy plant-based meals and working out five times a week which saw me lose around 30lbs and become so much fitter and stronger than I ever thought I'd be. Then I went to Berlin and ate that vegan double cheeseburger pizza and it all went a bit downhill from there. With Christmas, the cold weather and more than a couple of stressful events, my fitness regime went out of the window and I stopped tracking my meals. Before I knew it, I'd put on more weight than I care to think about, and feeling pretty rubbish to boot.

Tribe Subscription Box Review

I had a minor op in April which meant I couldn't do any exercise for six weeks whilst everything healed, but now I'm back on track with my exercise regime (I'm three weeks into FitnessBlender's #FB30 programme) and tracking my meals meticulously on MyFitnessPal. Making myself accountable for the foods I eat makes me much less likely to eat them, if I've got to add a whole packet of Skittles to my diary I'll probably just have one or two instead. I also bought a Fitbit Charge HR which I am obsessed with. It's really helped me to accurately track the exercise I squeeze in to each day and pushes me to achieve my goals. *Flashback to last Thursday when I was 150 steps off my 10,000 step goal and spent a good 10 minutes walking up and down the stairs til I'd hit it. Fitbits make you weird.*

I saw an advert for Tribe boxes on Facebook and thought they'd be a good addition to my day. I usually have a small snack about an hour before a workout, and these seemed like they'd be a good alternative to my usual banana or Nakd bar. I picked up my first box for a whole English pound using the code TAKEITON and dutifully waited for the postman. Here's what was in my first box:

Hadrian Trail Mix: Mango & Cashew For Endurance

Hadrian Trail Mix: Mango & Cashew For Endurance
Ingredients: Dried Mango, Cashew Nuts, Brazil Nuts, Pomegranate Seeds
Calories: 186
Protein: 3.6g
Carbs: 15.6g
Sugars: 8.4g
Fat: 12.2g
Fibre: 2.2g

I didn't try these but Andrew devoured them after a run. Here's what he had to say: "Really tasty, the Brazil nuts weren't as bitter as they usually are which was nice, the dried mango was chewy and the pomegranate seeds popped in your mouth to give a welcome, tangy flavour. The cashews gave the whole thing a creamy aftertaste." I think that's a thumbs up.

Tribe Cacao & Almond 'Pick Me Up' Energy Bar

Cacao & Almond 'Pick Me Up' Energy Bar
Ingredients: Dates, Almonds, Cashew Nuts, Cacao Nibs, Gluten Free Oats, Cocoa Powder, Chia Seeds, Vanilla Powder, Cornish Sea Salt, Almond Oil
Calories: 170
Protein: 4.1g
Carbs: 20g
Sugars: 16.7g
Fat: 7.6g
Fibre: 2.9g

This was my favourite of the box, really chewy and rich, much chewier than a Nakd bar and a far nicer texture in my opinion. The cacao was nicely sweetened by the vanilla so it didn't come across as bitter, and the dates just added texture and sweetness rather than an overly date-y flavour so a good option if you're not a fan of a Nakd bar for that reason. If I could buy a big box of these I would in a heartbeat.

Tribe Sour Cherry & Buckwheat 'Pick Me Up' Energy Bar

Sour Cherry & Buckwheat 'Pick Me Up' Energy Bar
Ingredients: Dates, Cashew Nuts, Sour Cherries, Sunflower Seeds, Buckwheat Flakes, Almond Oil
Calories: 157
Protein: 3.7g
Carbs: 21.3g
Sugars: 18.3g
Fat: 5.9g
Fibre: 1.9g

I love sour cherries so was really excited to try this. Not quite as chewy as the cacao and almond bar, this one had a bit more crunch thanks to the sunflower seeds and buckwheat. The sour cherries give the bar that real mouthwatering flavour, with the cashews adding a slight creaminess. Delicious.

Tribe Smokey Turmeric Mineral Boosting Seed Mix

Smokey Turmeric Mineral Boosting Seed Mix
Ingredients: Sunflower Seeds, Pumpkin Seeds, Sweet Apricot Kernels, Tamari, Chia Seeds, Ground Turmeric, Cayenne Pepper
Calories: 132
Protein: 5g
Carbs: 4.5g
Sugars: 0.48g
Fat: 10.8g
Fibre: 1.9g

I haven't actually tried these yet but wanted to include them anyway. I'm intrigued to see how the apricot will work alongside the spiciness of the turmeric and the cayenne. I'll probably sprinkle these on a salad for this week's lunch.

Tribe Andean Maca Natural Protein Recovery Bar

Andean Maca Natural Protein Recovery Bar
Ingredients: Cashew Nuts, Dates, Honey, Rice Protein, Almonds, Maca Powder, Milled Flaxseed, Cinnamon
Calories: 251
Protein: 10g
Carbs: 23g
Sugars: 19g
Fat: 13g
Fibre: 3g

I want to say up front; this is not vegan. The eagle-eyed amongst you will have noticed honey in the ingredients. Grrrrrr. I've left this in as a warning to anyone else who might be thinking of getting a Tribe box. I have no idea how I ended up getting a non-vegan item as the website's filter system is so easy to use and when I selected the vegan filter this bar didn't come up in the list of items so I guess it's an oversight when it came to packing? Needless to say, I haven't tried this and I gave it to someone at work. Good job reading labels is pretty much second nature when you go vegan!

Other than the non-vegan bar (sob!), I was really impressed with the Tribe box and would definitely recommend picking one up if you're into fitness or even just healthy snacking, especially since your first box is only £1!

If you're interested, you can order online at


Emily xo


  1. After reading your post I signed up to Tribe too, and I've also been given a non vegan bar, grrr. Not great if your spending £8 and having to give a bar away.

    1. Argh, so annoying! Thank you for letting me know, I've emailed them to bring it to their attention, I'll let you know when they've responded. Goodness knows how many other vegans this has happened to if this is two 😔

    2. On closer look another two have honey in, bad form! I love your blog btw, I'm a Geordie living in the south so it's really helpful for my short trips home, I use your blog as a database for where to go!

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